There are three Dubai Metro stations that have their own multi-storey car parking. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Need to go to an event but don't want to struggle with parking there? In Dubai, there are three Metro stations that provide free parking for Dubai Metro passengers.

The service is called ‘Park and Ride’ and commuters can park their car for free and take the Metro.

Which stations have free parking?

The three stations are:
1. Centrepoint Metro Station in Al Rashidiya, on the Red Line.
2. Jabal Ali Metro Station, which is the interchange station between UAE Exchange and Expo 2020 routes, on the Red Line.
3. Etisalat by e& in Al Qusais, on the Green Line.

Each of these stations has multi-storey parking lots with thousands of parking spaces, and pedestrian walkways that directly connect the parking lot to the Metro station. The car parks are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

How can I use the free parking option?

In order to avail the free parking service, you need to follow these steps:

1. Use your nol card at the parking entrance by scanning it on the machine reader.
2. Use the same nol card to then travel on the Dubai Metro.
3. When you return, you can scan the nol card at the parking exit gate to leave the parking lot.

I don't have a nol card, can I still avail free parking?

According to Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), you can buy a red nol ticket at the entrance, and then use the same ticket to travel on the Dubai Metro.

When you return from your trip, simply swipe the same red ticket at the parking lot exit to leave.

Fines to keep in mind

• Dh100 per day for cars parked for a period exceeding 24 hours, up to a maximum of Dh1,000.
• Dh152 for losing nol card or ticket.After 48 hours all vehicles are liable to be impounded.

Rules to remember

• If you enter the parking facility and exit within 10 minutes, no charges will apply.
• Exit the car park within 60 minutes of the last use of your nol card on the Dubai Metro, otherwise parking fees will apply.

What are the regular parking fees?

For non-public transport users, the parking fee is Dh10 per hour, with a maximum fee of Dh50 per day.