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Dubai: You are driving around your neighbourhood, when suddenly there is a traffic jam … turns out a number of cars is surrounding a popular cafeteria, making it harder for motorists to use the road. Do you often face such problems while driving? If so, you can report such disturbances through the Dubai Police’s ‘Police Eye’ service.

When a Twitter user raised a similar issue online with Dubai Police, the user received a prompt response from the police’s official Twitter account informing him of the steps he can take.

On April 25, @AhmedAlKitbi posted a tweet tagging Dubai Police and asking: “Dear Dubai Police, is it possible to use the ‘Police Eye’ application to report obstruction of daily traffic, which is standing in front of groceries and cafeterias in residential neighbourhoods?’”

To this query, Dubai Police responded by confirming that the person can report these traffic obstructions through the ‘Police Eye’ service.

So, what is this service, how can you use it, and which activities can you report? Here is all you need to know.

What is the Police Eye service?

The Police Eye service is offered by Dubai Police, which allows people in Dubai to collaborate with the police to report any suspicious activity in Dubai.

Which activities can I report?

You can report the following activities through ‘Police Eye’:

• Disturbance
• Drugs and Alcohol
• Suspicious Vehicle
• Suspicious Gathering
• Illegal Credit Sale
• Beggars
• Vandalism
• Prostitution
• Gambling
• Others

How can I use the service?

The service can be used through the following platforms:

Dubai Police app

1. Download the the ‘Dubai Police’ app, which is available for Apple and Android users.
2. Once you access the app, you will see the ‘Police Eye’ option on the bottom of your screen.
3. You will get the options for the type of illegal activity you would like to report. Select from the menu options, which include traffic reports, general reports or violence and social abuse.
4. You will then be asked to enter details of the incident, along with location where the incident happened and the option to add an image.
5. Once you have entered the details, tap on ‘Report’.

Dubai Police website

1. Visit

2. Select a location on the map. Then choose a marker from the list provided under the map, to indicate what type of illegal activity you would like to report.
3. Write in details of the incident in the ‘Report details’ section.
4. Click ‘Submit’.

Dubai Police Smart Police Station (SPS)

You can also use the ‘Police Eye’ service by visiting a Dubai Police Smart Police Station (SPS). Dubai Police has 20 SPS locations across the Emirate, allowing people to access police services 24x7.

List of Smart Police Station (SPS) locations
1. Smart Police Station - Al Ayas
2. Smart Police Station - Al Lesaily
3. Smart Police Station - Arabian Ranches
4. Smart Police Station - City Walk
5. Smart Police Station - D3
6. Smart Police Station – HQ (Al Twar)
7. Smart Police Station – Hatta
8. Smart Police Station - La Mer
9. Smart Police Station - Last Exit - Abu Dhabi – Dubai
10.Smart Police Station - Last Exit – Khawaneej
11.Smart Police Station - Mad X (Last Exit AUH Bound)
12.Smart Police Station - Muraqabat
13.Smart Police Station - Silicon Oasis
14.Smart Police Station - The Palm
15.Smart Police Station SPS Expo Al Wasl
16.Smart Police Station SPS Expo Mobility Walk-in
17.Smart Police Station SPS Expo Opportunities Walk-in
18.Smart Police Station SPS Expo Sustainability Walk-in
19.Smart Police Station SPS – Al Khawaneej
20.Smart Police Station SPS – Last Exit, Al Khawaneej

Call 901

In the tweet posted by Dubai Police, users were also given the option to call the Dubai Police Call Centre – 901.

1. Call 901
2. Select the language option between Arabic and English.
3. Once you have chosen your preferred language, you will be given the option to report crimes, traffic violations, or even COVID-19 violations through the service.