Umrah pilgrims pack the courtyard of the Grand Mosque in Mecca during the Friday noon prayers. Image Credit: The General authority for Care of the Two Holy Mosques

Dubai: Embarking on Umrah during Ramadan is a special experience, and to fully embrace this spiritual journey, it’s important to care for your health to ensure you have the stamina and focus to perform the Umrah rituals.

In an online post on Monday, April 1, the Emirates Health Services (EHS) shared essential health tips you should follow during Umrah.

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UAE health guidelines for Umrah 2024

- It is mandatory to take the influenza vaccination to prevent diseases while performing Umrah.
- Ensure cleanliness of Ihram clothes and personal hygiene.
- Cover the mouth when sneezing or coughing.
- Wash hands before eating, after using the bathroom, after sneezing or coughing, and when returning to the place of residence.
- Avoid direct exposure to the sun to reduce the chance of heat exhaustion.
- Get enough rest to avoid tiredness.
- Drink enough fluids after iftar.
- Do not eat excessively at iftar or suhour and make sure you eat foods rich in nutrients (healthy carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals).
- When you experience any symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion, it is recommended to go to the nearest health service to receive assistance.

What you need to know about the flu vaccine for Umrah

On March 26, 2024 the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) made it mandatory for all Umrah pilgrims to be vaccinated against influenza. This requirement is also applicable to Hajj pilgrims.

MOHAP recommends pilgrims get the vaccine at least 10 days before departure to guarantee the vaccine’s efficacy and immunity. Those with chronic diseases should also consult their doctor to rule out any health issues ahead of Hajj or Umrah, according to MOHAP.

Flu vaccines are available across the UAE in private clinics, hospitals and government health centres operated by Dubai Health, Emirates Health Services (EHS), Abu Dhabi Health Services Company – SEHA, and Mubadala Health. To find out how you can book an appointment for the flu vaccine in the UAE, read our guide here.

You can also get it for free in Abu Dhabi.