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It is the parent’s responsibility to provide the transfer certificate to the new school, and your child’s previous school will only issue it after all the fees are settled with them. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Are you planning to transfer your child to a new school in Dubai, or perhaps relocate from the UAE? One of the most important documents you will need during the new enrollment process is a transfer certificate or student leaving certificate from the current school.

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The certificate is attested and issued by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). How to apply for the transfer certificate.

What is a transfer certificate?

If you are transferring to another school within the UAE, you will need a transfer certificate from your current school. According to KHDA, if you are leaving the UAE you may need a ‘student leaving certificate’, which is also sometimes referred to as a ‘student leave certificate’, to prove the years of study in Dubai. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide the certificate to the new school, and your child’s previous school will only issue it after all the fees are settled with them.

What does the transfer certificate contain?

While the format may vary slightly, expect details like:
• Full name
• Date of enrollment and leaving
• Curriculum followed
• Nationality
• Date of Birth
• Grade achieved/promotion status

How to apply for a KHDA transfer certificate

1. Contact your child's school administration – To apply for the certificate, you have to approach your child’s school administration department. Most schools in the UAE have parent portals where you can complete the process online.

2. School applies for the certificate on your behalf – Once you have requested for a transfer or leave certificate, your child’s school will apply for the document through the KHDA smart services platform.

3. KHDA issues the attested certificate – The KHDA smart services platform will then issue the attested certificate.

4. You'll receive an email notification – You will then be notified via email once the certificate is issued, and you will have to pay the service fees, as per the school policy (you might have to pay the fee online or at the school).

Once the fee has been paid, you will receive the transfer certificate, with a ‘smart attestation’, which comes in the form of a Quick Response (QR) code that you can scan to verify the certificate’s validity.

Cost and processing time: The fee for the transfer or student leave certificate is Dh120, plus five per cent Value Added Tax (VAT). The document is issued within one working day.

You will also need an academic history certificate

The academic history certificate, also referred to at times as the ‘To whom it may concern’, is another document you need while changing schools, whether it is within the UAE or outside the country. This certificate is also issued by KHDA for schools in Dubai. You can easily apply for it online through the DubaiNow app. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to complete the process.