Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: If you are planning to move your child out of a school in the UAE, whether it is to transfer them to another school in the country, or to move out of the UAE, you may need an official record of the schools that they have studied in.

The education authorities in the UAE allow parents to easily apply for academic history certificates, also referred to at times as the ‘To whom it may concern’ certificate, through online portals. So, if you are looking to get an official record of your child’s academic history in a UAE school, here is all you need to know.


In Dubai, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) allows parents to apply for the academic history certificate through the DubaiNow app. If you do not yet have a DubaiNow account, you can find out how to register for it through our detailed guide here.

Once you have your account set up, follow these steps to get the certificate:

1. Log in to your account in the DubaiNow app.
2. Tap on ‘Education’ and then tap on ‘Academic history’.
3. Enter the Emirates ID number of the parent or guardian under whose name the child’s records exist. This could be your Emirates ID or your spouse’s.
4. Once you enter the Emirates ID, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) on the mobile number registered with the Emirates ID.
5. Enter the OTP and you will be able to access the academic history of your child or the children.
6. Click on ‘Request certificate’.
7. You will be asked to make the certificate payment – Dh120.
8. Once you complete the payment, the certificate will be issued and sent to you electronically, via email.

Abu Dhabi

The official website for Abu Dhabi Government Services – – allows applicants to ‘Request an Attested Sequential Study Transcript’. Through this service, you can request for an attested sequential study transcript, which indicates the academic progression of the student through the grades or years in private schools or charter schools (public schools) in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This service is available from 2012 onwards.

To apply for the transcript, follow these steps:

1. Visit and under the ‘Education and training’ category, select the service ‘Request an Attested Sequential Study Transcript’.
2. Log in using the UAE Pass.
3. Select the student who is registered under your Emirates ID.
4. Make the payment for the transcript – Dh15, through your credit or debit card.
5. You will then receive the transcript digitally, through email.

Ministry of Education

If you want to apply for the academic history certificate through the Ministry of Education, you can do so through the MOE website –

The service is called ‘Student Academic Record-To Whom It May Concern Certificate request’, which issues a certificate with details of the number of years of study in the UAE.

To receive the certificate, follow these steps:

1. Visit and log in using the UAE Pass.
2. After logging in, choose a ‘Request to Whom It May Concern Certificate – Study Sequence’, by searching for the service in the search box. The suggested services will appear automatically.
3. After logging in, fill out the registration application by entering all your personal information. To complete the application form, you will need to provide your child’s SIS number. The SIS number is the Student ID within the student information database within MOE. If you do not know your child’s SIS (Student Information System) number, you can get it from your child’s school.
4. Enter the details of the school as well as your personal details.
5. Make the payment for the certificate – Dh15.
6. Once you have completed the payment, the certificate will be issued by Ministry of Education.