Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) advised Dubai Metro users to follow basic etiquette to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: It’s rush hour and you run towards your platform because the Metro is arriving in a minute. Once there, you are greeted with a long queue. You try to squeeze into your cabin, but the crowd pushes back. Now, you have to wait for another five minutes for the next train to arrive.

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If this is the scenario you go through every day, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has some advice - with a little patience and some basic public transportation etiquette you can make your journey to work or school a smooth and comfortable experience.

Not only will you avoid hefty fines (up to Dh2,000!), but you will also be contributing to a more pleasant journey for yourself and other fellow passengers.

Eight basic rules to follow on the Dubai Metro

RTA recently released a helpful video on their social media channels, outlining eight key rules of etiquette to follow on the Dubai Metro, in a dos and don’ts format:

1. Do – avoid running.
2. Don’t – run towards the train.
3. Do – always keep your child in front of you.
4. Don’t – leave your child unattended.
5. Do – stay away from the doors.
6. Don’t – stand at train doors.
7. Do – be considerate of other passengers.
8. Don’t – jump the queue.

Dubai Metro fines – Up to Dh2,000

There are over 31 different Dubai Metro violations, as per the RTA, and some of the penalties can go up to Dh2,000. Here are some of the fines related to behavioural violations:


• Causing a disturbance or inconvenience in any way to users of public transport and public facilities and services.
• Accessing or sitting in areas designated for specific categories.
• Eating and drinking in areas which are not allowed.


• Sleeping in passenger shelters or any place where sleeping is prohibited.


• Damaging, vandalising or destroying equipment or seats on public transport and public transport facilities and services.

How to pay Dubai Metro fines

In case you do get a fine, you can easily pay for it online through the RTA website – rta. ae, here’s how:

1. Access the service on the RTA website -
2. Next, search for the fine through its ticket number or your Emirates ID or passport number. Then, click ‘Next’.
3. Select the fine you want to pay for and enter your phone number and email address. Then, click ‘Next’.
4. Review the details and the fine, and click on ‘Pay Now’ and agree to the terms and conditions.
5. Enter your credit or debit card details on the RTA payment platform.
6. After a few minutes, the payment confirmation page will appear on the screen. You have the option to download the digital receipt from the website or through your registered email address.