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The Chinese curriculum was officially implemented in the UAE, with the opening of the first Chinese school in Dubai, in September 2020. File photo used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/GulfNews

Dubai: Are you a Chinese parent who is looking for schools for your children to attend in the UAE? Or are you a Chinese student who is looking for alternative school options in the UAE? Then you may be wondering about which educational curriculums are offered here, so you can compare and choose the most suitable one. Or, you may want to know which educational institutions offer Chinese language courses in Dubai. Carry on reading to find out more details.

Educational curriculums in the UAE

There are over 1,000 public and private schools in the UAE, according to the Ministry of Education. While it’s a good thing that you have plenty of options to choose from, it’s also important for you to know which educational curriculums are implemented in these schools.

Schools in the UAE offer a variety of curriculums for you to consider, among which, the UK curriculum, Indian curriculum, the US curriculum, IB curriculum and the UAE’s Ministry of Education programme are some of the most popular. Apart from them, you can also find other curriculums including Australian, Canadian, French, German, Iranian, Japanese, Pakistani, Philippine, Russian and Spanish.

School inspection system

In case you have questions about the quality of education at the school you have selected, you can refer to the school inspection reports published by the education authorities in different Emirates. In Dubai, for example, you may refer to the school inspection reports published by the School Inspection Bureau under the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

You can find the reports through this link: https://www.khda.gov.ae/en/DSIB/Reports/. The classification of ratings is as listed below:

• Weak
• Acceptable
• Good
• Very good
• Outstanding
• Not inspected due to COVID-19

Similarly, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) has the ‘Irtiqaa’ rating system, in which during a four-day inspection, school inspectors evaluate the institution’s overall education quality as well as its effectiveness, and rate it on a scale of six – very weak, weak, acceptable, good, very good and outstanding. To know more about how to pick the best school for your child, based on your preferences, read our detailed guide here.

The Chinese curriculum in the UAE

The Chinese curriculum was officially implemented in the UAE, with the opening of the first Chinese school in Dubai, in September 2020. The Chinese School Dubai is the only UAE school offering the Chinese curriculum so far.

The Chinese curriculum provides full-time K-12 education, with the division of elementary school (Grade 1-5), middle school (Grade 6-8) and high school (Grade 9-12). The school is commissioned by the Chinese Ministry of Education and is affiliated with the Hangzhou Education Bureau.

Training institutes that offer Chinese language course

Additionally, in case you are wondering where you can find Chinese language courses in Dubai, you can go to the KHDA website: https://web.khda.gov.ae/en/Education-Directory/Training, and follow these steps:

1. Type the word ‘Chinese’ in the ‘Course’ column on the left side of the page.
2. Click ‘APPLY FILTER’.
3. Then you will be able to see the training institutes that offer a Chinese language course, on the right side of the page.
4. Click on the name of the institute you are interested in checking out.
On the next page, you will see detailed information of the chosen institute, including their website, email, contact number, address with map and programmes they offer.

Afterwards, you may choose a preferable way to get in touch with the institute, for more details on their courses.