Dr Imneet Madan
Dr Imneet Madan with her children, Yuvraj and Shirene. The latter are co-founders of popular YouTube Channel Shirene Sanjay & the Community Care act, Sev-a-life Image Credit: Supplied

The march within resonates with the compact inward journeys we get acquainted with as we advance through our daily regime. It’s an act of meeting our own self. Each step forward gets momentum from the step that’s behind, likewise each big or small progress in life, is the momentous result of the propulsion that comes from past efforts.

The Indian Republic Day commemorates the laying down of our constitution but at the same time, year after year it reminds us of the 70,000 jawans who sacrificed their lives and all that mattered to them, so we, the generation of today, could witness India’s rise on global platforms.

The in-depth significance of being rooted, and nurturing the roots, is commonly known to each one of us. The geographic location and the spiritual values of both India and the UAE are close and thereby keeps us aligned with Kartvya, which is a Sanskrit word meaning duty, responsibility or obligation. The true path of Kartvya demands selfless service and adherence to Dharma. It’s then no coincidence that The Big March in New Delhi on this day happens at Kartvya Marg, formerly known as Rajpath.

The march within on a daily basis, keeps us accountable to be in alignment with our purpose. We all are committed to the mandatory specifications of our jobs, but adding a little tweak of significance makes every moment magical.

Dr Imneet Madan

As NLP Coach, Child Development Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Laser Specialist Pediatric Dentist, my prime profession is to connect with kids, create a rapport, understand their mindset as well as that of their parents, as well as any underlying apprehensions and fears, and then explain the needful treatments before going ahead with the necessary steps towards the dental treatment.

My professional core belief is that listening is the key, whether it’s to the child patient, family member or the universe. We are all on the receiving ends of information, just tuning into the right frequencies is what sets one as a paradigm.

Profession, passion and significance are the three threads that can lay a strong foundation of stability. Shirene Sanjay, the YouTube channel, stands as a symbolism of our family’s passion for music. This is one of the common grounds where we come together as a team to create captivating experiences. The channel was launched in 2017, as the entrepreneurial efforts of Shirene and Yuvraj, then 11 and 13 years of age, and today stands blessed and well acknowledged with more than 10 million viewers.

Sev-a-life, has been the food for soul since 2017, and as we move forward into 2024, we are blessed with the extension of Happiness Lunch to more beneficiaries at Al Qouz labour camps, with the profound support of community members around.

As we look back and connect the dots, we witness the strength that each difficult situation revealed to us. March within makes us realise that success never meant failure would not cross our path, it only means that the universe placed a mountain in our path to show that we can move it.

As New Delhi sets a new platform on global news on India’s 75th Republic Day, with women empowerment or Naari Shakti as the main theme this year, let us stay inspired to live a life that becomes an inspiration to all around us.

Jai Hind!

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