Among many homes across the region, this spiritual month is a time for remembering and reviving traditional routines. It is also the season to spend quality time in the home with loved ones and friends, with many revamping interiors to set the scene and create a festive feel.

Whether it be adding atmospheric lighting, reimagining an indoor or outdoor majlis, adding arabesque touches to interiors or experimenting with a new emerging trend of all out table scaping, we explore this year’s most popular ways to décor your home for Ramadan.

Sprucing up your hallway or entrance is a great way to set the mood straightaway for visiting guests. Start with a prop style chair with festive inspired cushions or add a console table and position central or against a wall in your entryway that can hold a metal tray loaded with dates. Adding a diffuser or incense burner for an aromatic ambience and floor lanterns or candle stands to lead the way for iftar. This is not a permanent addition to the home so it can be as subtle or elaborate as you choose. Wood tones are growing in popularity for 2023, and my advice is to pick three colourways as well as one metallic — you will use and work them from entry hall throughout the home for a cohesive feel.

Since the pandemic the popularity in recreating the magic of a majlis or Ramadan tents at home saw an increase and this has remained a trend. This year, with Ramadan falling at a time when we can still enjoy the outdoors, we have seen customers exploring both indoor and outdoor designs, creating arabesque style lounge and dining areas for family and friends to socialise. There is no need to splurge on this and depending on your budget many options are available. You can craft a simple tepee in the home or garden using curtains, or if budget allows an awning installation, true to the heritage of a majlis. When considering the design it is all about creating social space divisions using low seating arrangements, such as ottoman or poufs teamed with floor cushions laid over a rug.

Before getting started pick the style and colour palette you are going for, whether it be more of a minimalist Bedouin style finish focused on contrasting textures and textiles - incorporating Arabian geometric patterned throws, rugs and pillows. Or a Moroccan feel incorporating motifs with tile, ogee and latticework including indulgent drapes, bright colours and shapes. A Khaleeji creation, with subtle Turkish influences including accessories inspired by Islamic architecture that comes from the Levantine period using material such as silk and brocade. Or a look that is coming through strong for 2023 — working more of a rustic organic and modern feel Majilis reflecting the city and desert scape of Dubai, using earthy colours, natural fabrics and light tones, paired with the richness of fading gold or brass, weathered wood and plants.

More global interior brands are creating special Ramadan collections to tap into the local market and even if customers are not looking to go all out for the month adding a few simple decor items can be a gentle reminder that Ramadan is here. Whether this be a temporary wall design such as Arabic calligraphy inspired style brass accessory, light reflecting mirrored objects or even Islamic print fabrics and lanterns all a great for curating a memorable entertaining space exuding warmth and capturing the spirit of the month. Decorative cushions and throws are a must to elevate the room, to anchor the space and add warmth choose a rug with beautiful colours and unique patterns.

The biggest trend we have seen across this year likely stemming from social media is a real effort going into creative table scaping. Customers are taking their iftar meals to the next level by sprucing up that dining table with showstopping table scaping design. From incorporating gold or metallic intricate arabesque or lunar pattern accents through cutlery, napkin rings and dinnerware sets, to jute placements, table runners, mini lanterns and dry or fresh florals. A thought-out table arrangement can transform your everyday table into a holiday celebration. To finish this look off, atmospheric lighting is key — from battery operated fairy lights and tall lanterns to wax candles and tea lights, adding lighting accessories are a cost-effective décor touch to set the mood throughout the Holy Month.

Nahel Selo

– The writer is Creative Director, Sedar Global Interiors