The ‘most technologically advanced pillow’ will be launched at INDEX Design Exhibition in Dubai which takes place from May 22 to 25 Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: To all those cushion and pillow obsessives out there, this could be your next addiction — if you are willing to shell out Dh210,000.

The ‘most technologically advanced pillow’ in the market is here and will be launched at the upcoming INDEX Design Exhibition at the Dubai World trade Centre between May 22 and 25.

But what in the world could make it so exorbitantly priced? The pillow is largely made of the finest raw materials such as the Egyptian cotton and 24-karat gold before being covered in hand stitched mulberry silk.

This is followed by a 3D scanning technology that is used to design the clear-cut shape required. The zipper is adorned with four diamonds and a huge sapphire. If that wasn’t enough, the pillow comes with a custom made Louis Vuitton case.

Peaceful sleep

Dutch neck specialist Thijs van der Hilst has reportedly spent over 15 years designing the magic pillow and guarantees the head rest can cure anyone’s sleeping woes.

The memory foam moulds the sleeper’s head, neck and shoulders in an apt manner easing in a comfortable slumber.

According to Thijs, a pillow is as unique as every individual’s body type. “I used to advise my patients to buy a good pillow, but what is the best pillow for which patient?

If there are three sizes of pillows available, which one would fit the best?

As our feet are all different, so are our shoulder heights and neck lengths. And the sleeping position varies person to person. Everyone is unique – so the pillow should be too,” says the inventor.

The process of making the pillow involves a detailed analysis of the buyer’s sleeping style. Thijs checks how every person lays at night on their back, side or stomach. He and his team then set about making an ergonomic pillow using complex mathematical algorithms and 3D mapping technology. The drawing is later imported to a robotic milling machine which creates the final product out of non-toxic Dutch memory foam.