Image Credit: Supplied

This week, a Guinness World Record was broken for the ‘Largest Synchronized Car Dance’ right here in the UAE. The car dance had the greatest number of cars moving in unison within a formation. A total of 180 4x4 cars cars took part in the record attempt, driving in a synchronised routine in the shape of a giant desert falcon.

The record was broken at the Dubai Rugby 7s stadium, beating the previous world record holders by 36 cars. Led by international racing driver Axcil Jefferies, two concentric lines of Nissan Patrol cars drove in opposite directions around the outline of a falcon, a total distance of 1,476 meters.

The shape formed by cars taking part in the attempt measured 176.5 metres by 225 metres. Viewed from above, the activation looked like a giant falcon in flight over the sands of the Arabian desert.