Global Village

Dubai: Global Village, one of Dubai’s leading family entertainment and cultural destinations, has reopened it’s doors for 2020 and will run until April 2021.

This year, Global Village celebrates its 25th year with a ton of new and different Silver Jubilee celebrations.

The popular destination is a unique and integrated open-air destination for shopping, dining and entertainment experiences from around the world.

This season, the destination expects over seven million visitors.

We put together a list of 25 things to do for Global Village’s 25th year:

1. See world-famous major landmarks

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Take a selfie with the Burj Khalifa, Eifel tower, the Big Ben and more. The main entrance of Global Village is full of different famous landmarks including the Egyptian Pyramids, the Sydney Opera House, British telephone booths.

2. See the new Celebration Walk

For the 25th year, Global Village has built a new celebration walk with brightly lit arches and animal carved bushes.

3. Try tasty Borek from Turkey

The Turkish pavilion at Global Village offers some of the best Borek in town. Make sure you stop by and sample some of the cheesy pastry.

4. Look at the textiles in Pakistan

Known to have some of the best quality embroidery work in the world Pakistani textiles sold at the Pakistan Pavilion at Global Village are popular with locals and tourists visiting Dubai. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Pakistan is known for their textiles, their beaded lace and beautiful colours. We checked out the textiles in Pakistan.

5. Sit next to a bear at the children’s theatre

This year the Children’s Theatre is full of bear statues, which are there to sit in between all of the kids, in case they need reminding about social distancing.

6. Try the tastiest Palestinian olives

Palestine is famous for its olive trees. We went there to try some delicious olives.

7. Check out the food stalls at Kiosk street

Kiosk street is an alley at Global Village full of different kiosks offering food from all over the world. Whether you are craving southern BBQ or Egyptian food, it’s a great spot to enjoy different cuisines in one spot.

8. Visit the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum

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Make sure you check out the weirdly wonderful museum Ripley’s Believe It or Not! They are calling it, the first "Odditorium" in the region. The family-friendly attraction is home to a host of visual illusions and pop culture memorabilia to unusual artefacts. The museum attraction has six themed galleries, a Mirror Maze and more.

9. Check out the brand new Cambodia and Vietnam stall

This season, Global Village welcomes a new Pavillion Cambodia and Vietnam. These two nations have combined to offer cultural heritage in the form of traditional handicrafts, cuisine, and many speciality products.

10. Eat the best Bosnian kebabs ever

The Bosnian Kebabs are a must-try at Global Village. They were so good in fact, that they opened another eatery outside of Global Village. Make sure you try the kebabs with the sauce, in their fluffy tasty bread.

11. Visit the Global Village Carnival

The Global Village amusement park is known as the Carnival and they offer a variety of different rides for kids, families and adults. Most of the children rides are priced at Dh12 and Dh15, while the family rides start at Dh12. The thrill rides start at Dh25 and go up to Dh75.

12. Ride the carousel

The carousel at Global Village isn’t just any old carousel. It’s an Arabian Horse carousel. Enjoy a family-friendly ride that’s perfect for the kids.

13. Experience the brand new Manila Mayhem

The Manila Mayhem is the newest ride to the Carnival’s roster. Expect to get spun around at high speeds at dizzying heights.

14. Visit the Thai floating market

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The Floating Market at Global Village offers a look at the traditional markets of Asia. Taste authentic recipes from Thailand, Korea, Myanmar and the Philippines.

15. Try Japanese mochi

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made by pounding glutinous rice into a paste and moulding it into shapes. The famous Japanese dessert is a popular snack in eastern Asia and many western countries.

16. Visit the Chinese pavilion

Among the largest pavilions at Global Village is the China Pavilion. Inside you will find cultural shows, folk dances and tonnes of shopping paradise with perhaps the largest variety of products at Global Village, ranging from fashion to household and everything in between.

17. Watch one of the many dancing fountains

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Global Village is home to some seriously amazing dancing fountains. Whether it’s the fire and water fountain or the dancing one with lights. There’s plenty to see.

18. Get yourself a pair of khussa from India

Khussa is a style of South Asian handcrafted footwear sold at the Indian Pavillion at Global Village.

19. Try the lassi from the India chaat bazaar

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The Indian Chaat Bazaar offers visitors to take a bite into India's colourful and vibrant street food. There you will find a variety of traditional chaats and local sweets. Enjoy an authentically Indian experience and try their delicious lassi.

20. Spread shea butter on your skin in Africa

The African pavilion is both beautiful and a totally amazing shopping destination. Africa is really known for their amazing quality non-refined shea butter, which we tried on our skin and it was super soft and hydrating.

21. Buy yourself a belly dancing outfit in Egypt

Egyptians basically invented belly dancing and this is the place to buy yourself those traditional and funky outfits. In Egypt, you will also find beautiful ancient Egyptian statues, good quality Egyptian cotton and more.

22. Look at Persian carpets in Iran

There’s no argument that Iranians make the best carpets in town in terms of quality and design. You’ll definitely find better deals there, than anywhere else.

23. Try the famous Yemeni honey


Known for having the friendliest people and the world’s most delicious honey. Make sure you head to the Yemeni pavilion and sample the biggest selection of different types of honey you’ll find in all of Global Village.

24. Play around with Turkish ice cream

No one is a prankster quite like the Turkish ice cream guy, who’s lightning-fast reflexes will give you the hardest time before allowing you to grab your ice cream cone.

25. Try traditional UAE Lugaimat

Luqaimat - Global Village Shreya
Luqaimat Image Credit: Shreya Bhatia

And last but not least, check out the UAE pavilion. It’s important to visit the UAE pavilion at Global Village to get in touch with the true heritage and history of the UAE. Make sure you try their famous local lugaimat before you go home.