Ali Mostafa with Tyrese Gibson on the Red Carpet for ‘The Worthy’. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan /Gulf News

The Worthy, a pan-Arabian, post-apocalyptic thriller by Emirati director Ali Mostafa, showed at the 13th Dubai International Film Festival on December 9.

A gory survival flick (rated 18+ at Diff), The Worthy is skilfully shot and garnered several rounds of applause from the audience during visually impressive scenes. It’s certain to resonate most with fans of the genre — and fans of TV series such as The Walking Dead and Lost — as Mostafa calls it a popcorn film that’s not for the faint of heart.

“I’m obviously over the moon that I’m representing Emirati cinema tonight. It’s a mixture of nerves and excitement. It’s a very proud moment for me,” said Mostafa ahead of their screening. He hoped for half the reaction that the film received during its world premiere in London.

Fast and Furious actor Tyrese Gibson flew in from Los Angeles for the premiere and wore a custom-made red kandoura emblazoned with his company Voltron’s logo.

“I’m here to support this man right here, Ali Mostafa. Very, very talented director, filmmaker, producer, one of the first people I met when I first came here to Dubai, and I think 10 or 15 years from now, when they look back on cinema and Hollywood, they’re going to think of Ali Mostafa,” said Gibson.

The Worthy is Mostafa’s third film after City of Life and From A to B. It will release on February 16 in the UAE.