Head chef Milos Radojcic at the Daily Dose Coffee Lounge in Jumeirah Image Credit: Suuplied

The charming neighbourhood of Jumeirah hides a precious gem that can boost your levels of happiness. The Daily Dose Coffee Lounge, tucked in one of the pretty villas of this vibrant community, is a utopia for food and coffee lovers. Located near the beautiful La Mer beach, opposite the Mercato mall and close to Mandarin Oriental hotel, this is a place to relax and enjoy the warmth of freshly roasted coffee beans. The whiff of coffee actually draws you in, and you can leave your car in the hands of the valet, and walk right in to enjoy some great moments on your own or with family and friends.

The Daily Dose Coffee Lounge is near La Mer Image Credit: Supplied

“The lounge concept in Dubai has been redefined over and over again, but rarely has anyone managed to give a definite shape to the intention and put it to work like Daily Dose Coffee Lounge,” says Stefan Jovanovski, brand manager of the Daily Dose Coffee Lounge. “We have taken the idea of a café where you can relax longer than usual, enjoy the food and drinks, and we have tried to turn it up a couple of notches,” he adds.

Stefan Jovanovski, Brand Manager, Daily Dose Coffee Lounge

Creativity and efforts of the whole establishment hasn’t gone unnoticed, with the Daily Dose Coffee Lounge being recognized as Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice. The warm and inviting interiors of the lounge dotted with books and art gives it a homey feeling as if you’re in your living room, where you enjoy a laid back vibe with great service and exciting food options.

So who is the new chef in Daily Dose Coffee Lounge?

Milos Radojcic is the new head chef at Daily Dose Coffee Lounge with a fine dining and Michelin star-trained restaurant background. Born in Serbia 32 years ago, he started working at the age of 15 with his father who was a chef as well. After a great career in Europe, he moved to Dubai seven years ago in search of new experience. After 17 years of experience working in fine dining restaurants, he decided to deliver his knowledge and experience in modern casual dining which Daily Dose certainly is.

“Freshness and high-quality ingredients are the key to good and tasty food,” says Milos, adding, “If you have good quality and freshest ingredients, success is guaranteed. Don’t overcomplicate it, just keep it simple.” During the early years of his life, Milos was inspired by his father. Later the biggest influence in his life was the Italian Michelin Star chef, Ernesto Iaccarino who taught him that happy guest should be his biggest influence.

“I saw a lot in my career, good chefs and bad ones, and believe or not, you can actually learn a lot from the bad ones as well,” says Milos, adding, “The lesson is never be like them, be better.” Since he joined Daily Dose, his main focus has been to train the kitchen staff and to bring out the best in them. “Teamwork is the key to great success,” he believes.

“The team in Daily Dose is not big, and that’s a good thing as our connection and understanding is higher and that’s the main thing I love about Daily Dose,” he says. The Daily Dose Coffee Lounge is also launching a new menu soon and it’s quite excessive -- including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, sandwiches, salads, main course, appetizers, in-house pasta and other signature dishes. “There’s something for everyone here. The menu will have a great combination of local and international cuisines using high quality local and international ingredients,” explains chef Milos.

His favorite dishes from the current menu are “Jumeirah Shakshuka, which is made of stir-fried beef tomato and scrambled eggs with Greek yogurt and made-in-house pita bread. It’s basically a typical example of the combination of the local dish with a modern touch. The second dish I love is the Steak and Truffle sandwich which is grilled Angus sirloin in mushroom and truffle sauce served in a hot dog potato bun, just perfect bite.” Milos adds: “We have great choices of fresh salad such as Middle Eastern salad, which is my favorite.”

The new menu at Daily Dose

From the new menu that Milos and his team are working on, the chef is excited to talk about the Miso Cod which is a marinated cod fish with miso paste and served with steamed pak choi. “The Dynamite Shrimp is a great appetizer, made of fried shrimps coated in spicy mayo and we also have a great selection of pita bread style pizzas, such as Black Truffle and Chorizo, so fluffy and cheesy. I would like to use this opportunity to invite all foodies and skeptics to experience our offerings. We are certain they will enjoy their time here,” he says. One thing is for sure, this hidden gem is on a mission to make you feel like at home, or in the words of the brand manager Stefan: “We want this to be your daily dose of happiness!”