Embracing the spirit of Ramadan and instilling values of empathy and compassion in young children, British Orchard Nursery (BON), the country’s largest pre-school chain has conducted a heartwarming Ramadan Charity Drive across all its branches in the UAE.

Young children aged 2-6 enthusiastically participated in the initiative, distributing custom-made Ramadan Wellness Packages to the unsung heroes of the community. These packages, lovingly crafted by BON children, were distributed to taxi drivers, Noon delivery drivers, NOW NOW and BON bus drivers, among others. Each wellness box contained essentials such as rice, grooming items, protein bars etc. The drive symbolised the spirit of giving and community support for the preschoolers.

The initiative not only aimed at teaching children the importance of society workers, inclusion, and diversity but also served as a platform to reiterate concepts of compassion and emotional intelligence (EQ) in the early years.

As the UAE's first nursery to incorporate EQ education in a robust EYFS project learning curriculum framework, BON continues to lead the way in nurturing well-rounded individuals who understand the significance of empathy and kindness with quality education.

Dr Vandana Gandhi, CEO and Founder of British Orchard Nursery, emphasized the importance of inculcating empathy in children from a young age. She states, "Values such as empathy and generosity are just as crucial as academic knowledge in shaping all-rounders in life. Our hope is that initiatives like these inspire our little ones to extend a helping hand to those in need, fostering a brighter and happier tomorrow. They are our future leaders and workforce.

Dr Gandhi further expressed her admiration for the children, saying, "The act of preparing and distributing Ramadan Boxes has deeply resonated with our children, reinforcing the invaluable lesson of compassion and being human," she added.

The response from the recipients of these Ramadan Boxes was overwhelmingly positive, with drivers expressing gratitude for the thoughtful gesture, especially during the festive season when they are away from their families. The initiative not only demonstrated BON's commitment to nurturing value-based education but also highlighted its dedication to society and environmental sustainability.

British Orchard Nursery, well known as the UAE's largest certified and awarded nursery chain, has been recognized for its numerous CSR initiatives and contributions to the community. With every child registered at BON, the nursery extends its commitment to social responsibility by providing food, education, and cultural growth to children in need in India.

Through such initiatives, British Orchard Nursery continues to make a lasting impact as global citizens, nurturing future generations to become aware and socially responsible individuals.