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TIESTA, the eco-ethical footwear brand founded by the sister-duo Janvi and Helly Jogatar, has joined hands with ace designer Nikhil Thampi to create a one of a kind footwear collection that epitomizes a distinctive blend of daring sophistication and ethical craftsmanship.

This partnership was born from a shared vision of creating products that reflect the essence and values of the two entities— a unique blend of standout elegance and ethical craftsmanship.

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Janvi and Helly Jogatar

After numerous discussions and countless hours of work during the pandemic, the products underwent a rigorous three-year testing phase and are now poised to grace the red carpets in the form of a highly exclusive capsule collection, encompassing five unique designs.

The collection exudes opulence and boasts premium quality through meticulous handcraftsmanship, featuring vegan leather, recycled metal, and eco-conscious packaging, echoing the powerful message of 'Sole with a soul.'

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This collection transcends fleeting trends, serving as a timeless investment. Embracing a classic black and gold palette, it introduces India's first monogram heels made from recycled metal.

TIESTA specializes in customised footwear to ensure the perfect style, size and fit.

The TIESTA X Nikhil Thampi collection can be purchased online at www.tiesta.in. In addition, one can also reach out to the TIESTA team directly on their Instagram page to place orders.