Viral video shows BTS' Jimin crying his eyes out… find out what got him bawling

Viral video shows BTS' Jimin crying his eyes out… find out what got him bawling

No, he wasn't getting emotional about J-Hope’s latest song release… here’s what happened

Viral video shows BTS' Jimin crying his eyes out
Viral video shows BTS' Jimin crying his eyes out Image Credit: @j.m/Instagram

On Monday, fans of the Korean pop group BTS were almost in tears when they saw Jimin, one of the boyband members, crying in an Instagram video he posted on March 5.

The first few seconds show the singer with his hand over his mouth as tears stream down his face. In the background played a recently released song by BTS rapper J-Hope, called 'On the street'. The hip-hop collaboration by J-Hope and J. Cole has topped Billboard's latest new music poll.

Was he crying because he was feeling emotional about the newly released song? Not exactly. Fans quickly realised that the tears had nothing to do with being emotional. The next frame shows that Jimin was crying while feasting on spicy ramen and Korean fried chicken.

In just a day, Jimin’s video had over 8 million likes.

While the comments on his Instagram post were limited, due to privacy settings, his fans took to Twitter and YouTube to tease the 27-year-old singer, calling him “a good actor,” for his “Oscar-worthy performance”.

Tweep @rax2_army wrote: “It’s time to give him an Oscar.”

Many others wrote that they were about to cry, seeing Jimin in tears.

BTS fan @V_babyzakia posted: “Me about to cry because Jimin was crying… but, then I saw the chicken.”

And, @boobkoos added: “Saw Jimin crying and immediately started tearing up too, like this must be some sort of Pavlovian response.”

Posting a crying emoji, another fan @sircuntykoo wrote: “One thing Jimin gon’ do is make my heart DROP… with his fake crying.”

While many fans called the video funny, some called him a relatable celebrity.

“Jimin crying over chicken at 11.30pm on a Sunday… this man is the most real,” posted @onyxguk.

And, @thvdte added: “Jimin crying over the chicken must be one of the most iconic things we’ve gotten this year.”

Jimin's bandmate BTS-V aka Kim Taehyung's reaction broke the internet. Taking to the comments section, V wrote: "… I was going to post it, but on your birthday."

And, J-Hope's comment read: "You put this up?"

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