Himalayan treasure: Do these wild morel mushrooms deserve the hype?

Himalayan treasure: Do these wild morel mushrooms deserve the hype?

High-end restaurants worldwide have embraced these precious fungi

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Morels are grown by creating a carefully controlled environment. Image Credit: Pexels

New Delhi: The allure of Morels often referred to as the "Himalayan treasure," has captivated the culinary world with its rare and exorbitant value, almost akin to that of gold, maybe this is the reason the mushrooms are so costly. The search for these rare treasures, which are discovered in the dense forests of the Himalayas, is still a challenging chore for the local farmers, who spend hours hiking through treacherous valleys in search of these elusive fungi.

Naveen Patwal, Co - Founder of Planet Mushroom, a pioneer in the field of mycology, has taken on the responsibility of carrying out testing with the objective to develop a long-term strategy that would enable Morels to thrive in their native environment. These rare and costly mushrooms are difficult to grow.

Morels are grown by creating a carefully controlled environment. Nutrient-dense bags are strategically placed on the forest floor, providing the necessary nourishment for the mushrooms to thrive. This method has proven effective in meeting the high demand for these prized fungi. These mushrooms are spongy in texture and savoury in flavour.

The importance of cultivating morels locally goes beyond their culinary diversity; "these mushrooms boast a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy and functional body. From enriching the body with vital nutrients to supporting various bodily functions, Gucchi mushrooms have garnered attention not just in fine dining establishments but also among health-conscious individuals seeking their numerous benefits. These mushrooms are rich in iron, copper and vitamins like vitamin D" says, Naveen Patwal Co- Founder, Planet Mushroom.

How to add these healthy mushrooms to your diet?

These mushrooms can be eaten as stir- fried or mixed with other ingredients of kebabs, but if you want to enjoy their earthy flavour the most then you should definitely add these mushrooms to your homemade pulao.

High-end restaurants worldwide have embraced these precious fungi, incorporating them into their signature dishes to offer a unique and exquisite culinary experience. The distinct flavour and texture of morels make them a sought-after ingredient among top chefs, who value the depth they bring to their creations.

Do these wild mushrooms deserve the hype?

Morels might be one of the most costly mushrooms ever cultivated in India but its health benefits not only helps you to regain your immunity but also increases your vitamin levels.

The world is still fascinated by morels because of their rarity, gastronomic attractiveness, and several health advantages. Despite the difficulties in their cultivation journey, Planet Mushroom and the local communities' drive show a profound understanding of the worth of this Himalayan treasure. Despite the difficulties, there is always hope that these elusive wild treasures will one day flourish in their natural habitat, enhancing both the culinary industry and the lives of health-conscious people who enjoy their distinct flavour and advantages.

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