Drinks and desserts for Ramadan: 5 recipes to try

Drinks and desserts for Ramadan: 5 recipes to try

The dishes range from a drink that cures sea sickness to a decadent syrupy semolina sweet

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Emirati Balaleet is a sweet and savoury dish prepared using vermicelli, rose water and saffron. Picture used for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Nawal Sk/Pixabay

The deep-rooted tradition of iftar during the month of Ramadan is special in more ways than one. It's the time of the day when the young, adults and senior household members come together to end their fast. This meal, after a day-long fasting is celebrated with seasonal drinks, food and desserts.

Here are 5 quick desserts and drinks recipes to try for Iftar:

1. Tamar Hind

This Arabic word translates to “date of India”. This drinks contains the tangy pulp of tamarind, which is mixed with water, sugar, lemon juice and often served chilled with ice. With a tart flavour, Tamar Hind aids digestion and has a cooling effect on the stomach, making it a popular iftar drink. According to Dubai-based chef Thoufeek Zakaria: "In earlier times, Tamar Hind was given to travellers between India and the Middle East, to cure sea sickness, for its ability to help cure nausea."

Try the Tamar-hind recipe

2. Ayran

This yoghurt-based salted drink is popular during iftar because it balances the body temperature and is light on the stomach. More so, this can be prepared in a jiffy and requires very little preparation.

Recipe to making Ayran 

3. Almond basbousa with vanilla and rose

This is a semolina based dessert, popular in the Middle East and a common dish during iftars at households. It is soaked in vanilla rose syrup for flavour with a rich, nutty, almond taste.

Try this Almond basbousa recipe

4. Gazelle horns with almond filling

This is a popular Moroccan dessert and quite a relish at iftar tables. It is a crescent-shaped pastry with flavours of orange blossom water, orange zest, and the woody aroma of cinnamon, and a filling of almonds.

You can try the recipe here

5. Halawaet Al Jeben or cheese rolls

Made out of cheese, these small delights are filled with orange rose-cream and garnished with pistachios and rose jam. A melt-in-the-mouth dessert to try this iftar.

Try the recipe here 

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