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Established in 1999, Dubai-based Al Jazira Poultry Farm is the largest egg producer in the UAE. Its eggs have earned the name Golden Eggs as they have bright golden yolks. The fine quality of the eggs, their freshness and daily availability across the whole UAE have made Golden Eggs the most popular egg brand in the UAE.

Al Jazira Poultry is the undisputed brand leader in the market. It was the first poultry company in the region to produce enriched eggs, such as DHA omega 3 eggs and lutein-enriched eggs, as well as eggs produced by hens fed on certified organic feed.

Al Jazira’s recent addition to the enriched eggs category is Super Eggs, which are enriched with folic acid, DHA, omega-3, organic selenium, lutein, vitamin E and other nutrients that are considered to be ideal for people of all age groups.

Considering consumers’ inclination towards organic eggs, Al Jazira pioneered the production of organic eggs. Al Jazira’s organic eggs in the UAE are the

freshest possible organic eggs in the country. Imported eggs are at least a few weeks old when they are brought to the market but Al Jazira-produced eggs are in the market the very next day they are laid.

Al Jazira has also started pasteurisation services on demand. Pasteurised eggs if left unconsumed for some time can easily get contaminated if not stored well. Hence Al Jazira supplies freshly pasteurised eggs on order anywhere in the UAE.

Al Jazira Poultry follows stringent policies on food safety, biosecurity and environment-friendly processes. It was the first poultry producer in the UAE to get Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certificate even before it was made mandatory and the first poultry farm in the world to get Food Safety Management System (FSMS) 22000:2005 certification.

When the UAE started its own federal quality standard body ESMA, then Al Jazira was the first poultry farm to follow GCC standards and got certified by ESMA and received the Emirates Quality Award and Halal certification.

Al Jazira Poultry Farm-produced regular, enriched and organic eggs as well as chicken are sold all across the GCC.