3 traditional Emirati dessert recipes

3 traditional Emirati dessert recipes

Pumpkin pudding, Luqaimat and a sweet dish that uses locally grown dates

Emirati Luqaimat
No celebration is complete without desserts. This UAE National Day we bring you recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Pictured: Emirati Luqaimat Image Credit: Shutterstock.com

While fireworks, flags and patriotic songs are part of the UAE National Day festivities, participate in the culinary traditions of the nation by making these classic dessert dishes at home.

Aseeda Bobar
Saffron and cardamom give Aseeda Bobar a distinctive flavour. Image Credit: Supplied

Aseeda Bobbar or Emirati pumpkin pudding

This is a traditional Emirati dessert made with saffron and cardamom, which gives it its distinctive flavour.

Luqaimat is a traditional and popular Middle Eastern Dessert Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque/Gulf News


It is a fried dumpling made from fermented dough, soaked in date honey or syrup with a slight seasoning of roasted seasme seeds. The dumplings are mildly salty, while the syrup has a robust, smokey date flavour, complemented by the nuttiness of the sesame seeds - overall a perfect dessert.

Dates and Chami
Dates and Chami uses freshly made cheese and ghee. Image Credit: Supplied

Dates and Chami

The recipe uses freshly made cheese drizzled with ghee.

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