Watch: 11 Dubai restaurants get prestigious Michelin Stars

Watch: 11 Dubai restaurants get prestigious Michelin Stars

UAE: 44 eateries part of the guide, two given two stars and 9 others given one star each

The Michelin Guide Star Revelation event in Dubai on Tuesday.
The Michelin Guide Star Revelation event in Dubai on Tuesday. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: A list of 11 restaurants have received Michelin Stars in Dubai with a total of 69 eateries recognised across the city, which was revealed on June 21 at the Dubai Opera.

Two restaurants, Il Ristorante and Stay, were awarded two stars while nine were given one star, and 14 were recognised as Bib Gourmand restaurants. One got a Green Star for sustainable gastronomy and 44 were selected to be part of the Dubai Michelin Guide.

What is a Michelin Star?
A Michelin Star is awarded for outstanding cooking. We take into account the quality of the ingredients, the harmony of flavours, the mastery of techniques, the personality of the chef as expressed in their cuisine and, just as importantly, consistency both over time and across the entire menu.

Are Michelin Stars yearly awards?
Yes. Along with seeking out new Stars, we continually reassess existing Star restaurants to ensure the same high standard of cooking is being offered to guests.

Does service play a part?
Again, no. It’s entirely up to the restaurant to decide what style of service it wants to offer – and that has no bearing on a Michelin Star.

Can any restaurant qualify?
Yes, any restaurant of any style and cuisine can qualify for a Star.

Do restaurants have to apply for a Star?
If the restaurant is currently in the Michelin Guide then they don’t need to apply for a Star – all the restaurants in the guide are re-assessed regularly. And any restaurant can ask us to consider them for inclusion in the Michelin Guide.

Source: Questions answered by a Michelin Guide Inspector,

Historical moment

"This very first Dubai selection of restaurants marks a historical moment for the Michelin Guide and the Middle East,” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guide.

“What makes Dubai’s culinary landscape so distinctive is its reflection of the more than 200 nationalities that call the city home, delivering an epicurean kaleidoscope. One thing all the restaurants in this fast paced dynamic and elegant city have in common is they are brimming with passion and enthusiasm. Today, Dubai is settled as an inspiring gastronomic destination and we have no doubts that gourmets from all over the world will be seduced by its very unique energy,” he added.

11 Michelin-Star restaurants in Dubai

One of the eateries that received two stars was Italian restaurant Il Ristorante - Niko Romito. The second restaurant to receive the accolade was Stay by Yannick Alléno at Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.

Representatives from Dubai restaurants that got one Michelin Star
Representatives from Dubai restaurants that got one Michelin Star Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Highlighting the variety present in Dubai’s culinary landscape, 9 restaurants with various different kinds of cuisines were awarded one Michelin Star. Diners in Dubai will be able to enjoy Portuguese to Indian, Japanese and Chinese cuisine if they follow the Michelin Guide.

The restaurants in Dubai with one Michelin Star are: 11 Woodfire by chef-owner Akmal Anuar, Al Muntaha, Armani Ristorante, Hakkasan, Höseki, Ossiano, Tasca by José, Chef Massimo Bottura’s Torno Subito, and Trèsind Studio.

14 restaurants receive a Bib Gourmand

More than a dozen Dubai restaurants received the “Bib Gourmand” recognition. Named after Bibendum, the friendly Michelin Man, and the official company mascot for the Michelin Group - it is a just-as-esteemed rating that recognises friendly establishments that serve good food at moderate prices.

The restaurants offer a value-for-money gourmet experience for an average price of 250 AED for a 3-course meal.

The Dubai eateries with a Bib Gourmand recognition are: Al Khayma, Bait Maryam, Brasserie Boulud, Helmed, Fi’Lia, Folly, Goldfish, Ibn Albahr, Indya by Vineet, At Kinoya, Ninive, Orfali Bros, REIF Japanese Kushiyaki, Shabestan, and Teible.

Dubai promotes green gastronomy

Out of around 15,000 restaurants highlighted by the Michelin Guide, 500 have the Green Star, which recognises restaurants at the forefront of sustainable gastronomy.

Dubai restaurant Lowe, by culinary duo Kate Christou and Jesse Blake, is the first and only restaurant in Dubai to receive a Michelin Green Star. The kitchen team cook on fire, practice nose-to-tail cooking and procure ingredients as locally as possible. As part of their efforts towards zero food waste, the restaurant’s ‘Waste Not’ dinners offer eight to ten courses of would-be waste products, saved over the previous months.

Selection process

Michelin Guide inspectors visited eateries across the city over the course of the last few months and based their ratings on five criteria, including the quality of the ingredients, the mastery of cooking, the harmony of flavours, the personality of the chef represented in the cooking and the consistency both over time and across the entire menu.

Inspectors assessing these restaurants were thanked by Michelin during the event, with a dedicated video. The video entailed what it takes to be an inspector and how the selection process is carried out.

“They rate a restaurant based on what’s on the plate and the quality of the food,” said Poullennec.

To keep ratings fair, according to Poullennec, the same inspector doesn’t visit the same restaurant twice and “every decision at Michelin is a team decision and not an individual one”.

Special awards

As Michelin Guide inspectors dine at and observe restaurants, they keep an eye on service professionals, who could be contenders for Michelin special awards.

This year, the Young Chef Award went to Solemann Haddad of Michelin-selected restaurant Moonrise. Born and raised in Dubai with a French mother and Syrian father, Solemann’s fascination with food and Japan began at a very early age. He is known to use mostly local ingredients and fusing them with his heritage, he delivers an omakase menu that is a blend of Japanese Kaiseki with Middle Eastern ingredients.

Danijela Tesic of Ossiano took home the Sommelier Award and the Welcome and Service Award was given to the team at Bait Maryam.

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