Astro's Cha Eun-woo pays heartfelt tribute to Moonbin
Astro's Cha Eun-woo pays heartfelt tribute to Moonbin Image Credit: Instagram/@eunwo.o.c

South Korean singer and actor Cha Eun-woo recently took to Instagram to pay tribute to his Astro bandmate Moonbin, who passed away in April.

The 25-year-old singer was found dead at his residence in Gangnam District, southern Seoul on April 19.

Eun-woo paid a heartfelt homage to Moonbin with photos and two videos – the first showed Moonbin singing the song ‘Stalker’, the second was a cover by Eun-woo.

차은우 CHAEUNWOO/Youtube

He captioned the Instagram story: “My Friend”.

Fans were left touched by his beautiful gesture.

Twitter user @deutschforvict1 wrote: “It was Moonbin's favourite song… I read somewhere that ‘it's raining’ in Korean is pronounced as ‘bi-na’, similar to ‘Bin-ah’ (Binnie is a nickname for Moonbin). Therefore that emoji (clouds with rain) under Eun-woo's newest Instagram post about him recording this song hits different.”

Fan Ttogi Byeori commented on a YouTube video of the song shared by Eun-woo: “Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories and comforting me with songs. I'm sure this song will reach Binnie and he'll be smiling brightly.”

Another fan, Myriam commented: “This song is beautiful with your voice. And the heartache is palpable. Thanks for sharing #ChaEunWoo…”

Earlier this week, Moonbin’s sister Moon Sua, also shared a heartfelt message for her deceased brother.

The idol who paid a visit to Moonbin's memorial spot on May 27 left a handwritten letter.

“Oppa, it's me, Sua. It's raining today! I usually miss you a lot, but I miss you much more today. If I could merely meet you, I'd want to greet you with a bright smile and a strong hug without saying anything. I still love you and cherish you tremendously. 'Ah-geon-bap-haeng' (A shortened Korean slang phrase that means 'Don't be in pain, be healthy, eat regularly, and be cheerful.') - Your only younger sibling Sua."