Cha Eun Woo, Sanha's heartfelt letters to Moonbin
Cha Eun Woo, Sanha's heartfelt letters to Moonbin Image Credit: Moonbin/Instagram and @xrlldxgzmn/Twitter

While the K-Pop industry is still mourning the loss of Astro singer Moon Bin, fans who recently visited his memorial noticed that Astro members Eunwoo (Cha Eun-woo) and Sanha had left heartfelt letters to pay tribute to their friend.

The 25-year-old singer and actor died on April 19, in a suspected suicide, leaving friends, Astro fans, family, and the K-pop industry in shock.

To help fans grieve, Fantagio, the agency managing the band, set up a memorial space for the idol.

Amongst the many flowers and letters left for Moonbin, a fan found notes written by Moonbin’s fellow Astro members Eunwoo and Sanha, as well as, K-pop band, Seventeen’s Mingyu.

The fan uploaded the letters on social media, making the pictures go viral. Soon K-pop fans were sharing the photos, talking about how close the group members were to each other.

According to a translation on the South Korean entertainment news website,, Sanha, the youngest member of the group, wrote about how much he missed Moonbin.

“Hyung (older brother), are you well? I miss you a lot. I still feel like I can see you, hyung. If you saw me like this, I know you would scold me, but for now, please understand. As you said, hyung, I’ll be happy, I promise you. I love you so much, and I love you,” wrote Sanha.

Eunwoo wrote: “Bin, I miss you tonight, you bad guy. I came with Sanha while on a stroll. Why do I miss all the things that we did together, and regret [things] that I took for granted, even the very little things?

“I hope you are hundreds of times happier where you are. Don’t worry about what you left behind because I’ll take responsibility and take care of them. You did so well. I love you, and I am sorry, friend.”

Eunwoo also left behind the heartfelt lyrics to Astro’s song, We Still.

“Even after the countless seasons, we’ve weathered together, we still, we still, we’re still together. Even if we are reunited at another time, we still, we still. This confession will never change. I will protect you,” Eunwoo’s note read.

Kim Mingyu of the K-pop band Seventeen also left a letter revealing their close friendship.

“Hello Bin, thanks to you, I am visiting your label. My biggest memory of you is of the day we talked until the morning. Do you remember? I told you, who had so many worries, that there isn’t an idol who is good at everything like you… That’s all that I said. I’ll work harder! Don’t hurt anymore and laugh more. I am sorry. You did well, friend. If I see you again, I’ll take you out for some fish cake ...! Root on your members from afar, and my favourite song is ‘Waterfall’. Let’s be happy, friend,” wrote the rapper.

Fans were touched by the words of the three singers.

Twitter user @Rai17181516 commented: “Reading these letters here I weep again. Please ease this pain… I can only imagine how his members, friends, and family especially would be feeling.”

Another tweep, @joymariemanigos wrote: “I can really feel their sadness and regrets.”

Fan @deutschforvict1 tweeted: “… Sanha and Eunwoo, [are] pouring their emotions out. Eunwoo's letter... I can read how scattered he is but trying his best to endure the burden. I can feel his anger, regret, and misery…”

Over the past weeks, fans have taken to social media to honour and remember Moonbin through letters, fan art, and messages of support to his family and bandmates.

Previously, fans had also shared notes by Moonbin’s sister Moon Sua, who is also a K-pop artist, Astro’s oldest member MJ and the band's lead singer JinJin.

A letter written by Seventeen’s Seungkwan, a very close friend of Moonbin, was also shared widely.