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According to reports, subscriptions surged by almost 6 million users since the halt. Image Credit: AP

Sharing of a Netflix password will soon come to an end in the UAE.

According to the streaming giant's earning call letter, Netflix is starting a crackdown on password sharing and is widening their net and will include the UAE subscribers.

The crack-down will be rolled out widely around the world including Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. The changes are directed at addressing the issue of password sharing in almost all of their remaining countries, including the UAE, which was eating up the streaming giant's revenue. 

While an official statement is yet to be rolled out by Netflix MENA team, the streaming service maintains that the accounts are meant to be shared by people who live together in one household.

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But not all is grim for Netflix subscribers. As long as a device is part of the Netflix household, one should be able to access the streaming service. If a user outside of the household tries to access Netflix, there will be a prompt informing the subscribers and they won't be blocked without any notice.

Earlier today, articles on how the crackdown is reaping rich dividends is also doing the rounds. According to reports, subscriptions surged by almost 6 million users since the halt. Password sharing restriction are already in countries including Canada, Spain, the US and the UK.

According to AP, Netflix enjoyed its biggest "springtime spurt" in subscribers since the early days of the pandemic after the recent crackdown on password sharing.

Incidentally, Netflix in its early days of entry into the streaming market had once famously tweeted: “Love is sharing a password," but took back their words once they saw their revenue dip.