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Jameela Jamil Image Credit: AP

Jameela Jamil is ready to get in on the action as the Pakistani-British star starts training for her role in ‘She-Hulk’

In a TikTok video, Jamil made the first official announcement that she would be starring in the Disney+ series, while indulging in a mock fight and throwing some punches for good measure, all to the tune of ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

In an accompanied message, the 35-year-old actress wrote: “Fighting my way through the MCU, coming to you in 2022! #SheHulk #AnythingIsPossibleKids,” before putting up a picture of chubby baby, which is presumably her childhood photo.

Stories about Jamil joining the MCU have been swirling since June, with The Hollywood Reporter announcing ‘The Good Place’ alum had been cast as arch villain Titania in ‘She Hulk’. The series will follow Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslaney), a New York lawyer and cousin of Bruce Banner (the Hulk), who obtains powers of super-strength similar to that of Bruce after an emergency blood transfusion.

In the comics, Titania is the alter-ego of meek-looking Mary MacPherran who is found by Doctor Doom and transported into his army of Supervillains.

She-Hulk Image Credit: Marvel Comics

It is unclear whether the series would see Mark Ruffalo reprise his role as the Hulk aka Bruce Banner.

Earlier this week, Marvel earned several Emmy nominations for its previous Disney Plus shows ‘WandaVision’ and ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’.

With the first season of ‘Loki’ wrapped up, Marvel is now looking to launch its animated series ‘What If…’.