Actor-director Jean Paul Lal steals the show as Solomon in Under World  (1)-1574835881200

It’s a dog eat dog world in the film ‘Under World’, which is directed by Arun Kumar Aravind and is centred around four men who succumb to the lure of making quick money.

Stalin (Asif Ali) manages a shady business under the guise of running a cinema theatre. The only child, he is a disappointment to his widowed mother who is distraught with his anti-social activities. Stalin has also earned enough enemies on this road and it does not take long for someone to tip off the police and get him arrested. Being in and out of prison becomes a habit for Stalin.

Minister Padmanabhan (Mukesh) is arrested in a corruption case. Earlier, he had entrusted an associate Solomon (Jean Paul Lal) with Rs5 billion (Dh256 million) for safekeeping. But then Solomon does not seem to be keen on parting with this booty.

Majeed (Farhaan Faasil) is a tough goon who takes on jobs that involve intimidating his targets. Stalin is one of his targets when Stalin’s enemy pays him for the job.

At a point, Stalin and Majeed are arrested and meet again in prison. Interestingly they join hands together when Padmanabhan strikes a deal with them. He wants them to retrieve his Rs5 billion from Solomon. Using his clout Padmanabhan arranges for their release from prison. Will Stalin and Majeed accomplish their mission?

The characters have been well written and the four lead actors have executed their roles well. Mukesh essays a role that is unlike his earlier characters. Both Asif Ali and Faasil match steps well. The surprise is actor-director Jean Paul Lal; he plays the ruthless killer and scheming Solomon to the hilt.

However, the screenplay fails to impress. And in this world, there is more action, with a cat-and-mouse game and less substance in the story. Obviously women have little to do in ‘Under World,’ except for Muthumani who plays a lawyer and often comes to the rescue of Stalin. Padmavati plays Majeed’s lover.

‘Under World’ releases in the UAE on November 28.