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With two big releases slated for March 30, Kavan and Dora, followed by Maniratnam’s Kattru Veliyidai on April 7, there has been a scramble for a place in theatres. Gulf News tabloid! gives a peek into the films releasing on March 24 in India.

Julieum 4 Perum for children

Julieum 4 Perum a comic thriller woos children during their summer break. Directed by R.V. Satheesh, an engineer turned filmmaker, this story is about dog napping. A beagle plays the pivotal role of Lucky. Reena makes her debut as the heroine. The supporting cast includes Amuthavanan, George Vijay and Yoganand. Raghu Sravan Kumar is the music composer. K.A. Bhasker is the DOP.

Paambhu Sattai brings back Bobby Simha

With a title like Paambu Sattai (Snake Skin) debutant director Adam Dasan explores a tale that tackles a situation which becomes a test of one’s values. Is letting go of our morals as simple as shedding a snake skin?

This action thriller features National Award winner Bobby Simha and Malayalam actress Keerthy Suresh in the lead.

Simha plays Dakshina, a labourer, and Suresh works in an export company. Charlie is a manual scavenger and plays Suresh’s on-screen father. The supporting cast includes Muktha Banu, RV Udhayakumar, Naankadavul Rajendran and Saravana Subbiah in key roles.

Dasan, who has assisted Tamil director Shankar, said that his story is a mix of love, action and family emotions. Paambhu Sattai is produced by R. Sarath Kumar, R. Radhika Sarath Kumar, Listin Stephen of Magic Frames and Manobala’s Picture House.

Engitta Modhathey, a tale of the ’80s

Huge cut-out posters is a thing of the past now.

Tamil film Engitta Modhathey takes viewers to the ’80s when cut-out posters of leading actors adorned theatre halls.

Directed by newcomer Ramu Chellappa, this film has Natty Subramani and Rajaji playing two artists who paint large posters of stars. Cinematographer-turned-actor Subramani said this is about two friends who are fans of two stars and they enjoy making their posters.

“What happens when the fan bodies of the two stars are caught in the whims of a political big- wig? How it affects their lives and relationships forms the rest of the story,” said Natty as he is popularly known.

Sanchita Shetty is paired opposite Natty and Parvathy Nair plays Rajaji’s on-screen lover.

Kadugu, a Vijay Milton film

Cinematographer turned director Vijay Milton of Goli Soda fame returns with another Tamil film, Kadugu.

With an intriguing title, meaning mustard, and a humorous teaser, Kadugu has already raised expectations. The cast includes Bharath in the lead as a Panchayat (village council) chairman and director Rajakumaran plays the role of a puli vesham (traditional folk dance where the players dress up in tiger costumes) artist.

Kadugu talks about a situation that causes friends to take up opposite sides when confronted with an issue,” said Milton.

The supporting cast includes Radhika Prasidha, Bharath Seeni, and Subiksha.

Kadagu is produced by Rough Note Book Productions.

Vaigai Express — Tamil remake of Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri

Malayalam film buffs will recall Shaji Kailash’s investigative thriller Nadiya Kolapetta Rathiri, that went on to become a box office hit.

Kailash is ready with its Tamil remake titled Vaigai Express, with RK in the lead. Bollywood’s Neetu Chandra plays a dual role. The supporting cast includes Iniya, Suja Varuni, Komal Sharma, Nasser, M.S. Bhaskar.

Will the Vaigai Express impress like the Suresh Gopi and Kavya Madhavan film?

(UAE release dates for the above films are not yet available.)