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Kendra Kramer Image Credit: Instagram/kramer.kendra

The eldest child of basketball player Doug Kramer and actress-model Cheska Garcia-Kramer acquired her first automobile at the age of 13. 

Kendra Kramer, who has 966,000 followers on Instagram alone,  is well known for routinely updating her fans and supporters with her thoughts, opinions, and pictures of her everyday inspirations and events.

The teenage social media sensation informed her followers of her recent purchase on May 8. She also shared a picture of her new electric vehicle, which she has dubbed "Blush." Her car is  two-door car in a strawberry color variant made by Jetour Auto Philippines.

Kramer captioned the picture, "My very first car! I feel like crying!"

"And the beauty beyond the cute color, and friendly price, is that it's ALL ELECTRIC! Nature friendly! This Ice Cream EV by @jetourautophils is a winner! I named her, BLUSH! Because she makes me blush whenever I see her!" she added.

The 13-year-old's adorable car, the Jetour Ice Cream EV, is an electric vehicle with a price tag of about 700,000 pesos. The age requirement to drive in the Philippines is 16 years as long as the driver has applied for a student permit and is accompanied by another person who is properly licensed, whether they are professionals or not.

Her mother drove the car on her behalf since she's underaged to drive. 

Kendra was recently asked if she would consider competing as a beauty queen during a press appearance, according to the Philippine media. The young influencer suggested it “might happen” in the future.