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Who wouldn’t want to be in a Lijo Jose Pellisery’s film?

Parvathi Menon certainly did, but nothing could prepare her for her role and its consequences.

Menon plays a Russian don in Pellisery’s new Malayalam film, Double Barrel. When she was told that her long black hair would be cut off and styled in a mohawk, Menon was not happy.

Because it was these very locks that got this radio programme producer into films, when director Aashiq Abu offered her a role in Gangster. Now, after the release of Double Barrel, Menon has no regrets.

Besides, her hair has grown back.

This is the first time Menon is doing a full-length character and is paired opposite Sherrin Varghese. Double Barrel is a gangster comedy and as Lady Tarkov, she is also seen shooting guns.

Acting was never on the cards for Menon, who has been in the media for eight years.

“Acting is tough... after the glamour wears off,” said Menon, who has also dubbed for actresses in films such as Saptamashree Thaskaraha, Koothara and How Old Are You?

Coming up next is her film, Pathemari directed by National Film Award-winner, Salim Ahmad, where she plays Mammootty’s sister.

“I play three phases of her life, from a twenty year old who goes through middle age and then into her sixties. It’s a completely different look, so unlike Lady Tarkov,” she said.

As for Double Barrel, added Menon, “It’s like watching a comic book. Enjoy the great visual experience.”