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In the midst of her tough ongoing divorce battle with her husband, Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are caught in a tussle involving their dogs. The pop star has stated that she won’t give her estranged partner custody of her beloved pooches.

According to 'The Mirror', while the divorce battle and the ongoing split is tough for her and a “painful experience”  that had to be done, the fight over their dogs is far more fierce.

While the singer is more than happy to return her diamond engagement ring, she is refusing to let her estranged husband “seize custody” of her pooches. As such, Britney is ferociously protective of her dogs.

The ‘Toxic’ singer and her husband were in a romantic engagement for over six years since 2017 and tied the knot in 2021. The couple remained married for over 14 months, and while initially things were going well for them, they soon became estranged, no longer remaining the lovey-dovey couple they used to be.

The marriage began breaking down within months as they would frequently quarrel, leading to the 29-year-old Sam Asghari frequently leaving the house, and rarely staying home. Eventually, Sam filed for divorce  from his 41-year old wife citing “irreconcilable differences” and has since then moved out, living in a place of his own.

Sam has allegedly asked for “spousal support” and for the singer to cover his legal costs. He has also asked for “separate assets and various items”. The point of assets and items have left Britney fearing that Sam will want custody of the former couple’s two pooches, a Doberman named Porsha and a German Shepherd called Sawyer. Porsha was a gift from Sam to Britney in 2021, while Sawyer was adopted by the estranged couple in 2023.