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American pop star Britney Spears' upcoming memoir 'The Woman In Me' has been delayed due to legal troubles as lawyers have 'demanded' to see and review it before it is released.

The memoir will detail her many romantic engagements, rise to success as well as the many family and legal troubles caused by the long period of conservatorship.

The star was the topic of a massive controversy surrounding her financial assets and her life, which had been held by her family for over 13 years leading to a huge online campaign by netizens on social media with the running tag '#FreeBritney'.

According to The Sun, a source gave them the somewhat bizarre report: "Lawyers demanded to see her book in advance and were adamant that some of the revelations were removed. There are still plenty of gobsmacking tales but Justin and Colin were conscious about what could be said about them."

"The legal process meant the publication was held up by four months as discussions went back and forth about what could be included. But that has finally now been settled and her autobiography is all ready to go."

Another source at The Sun, talking about the book, said: "The book is brilliant and heartfelt. It has given Britney the chance to tell her own story, which certainly hasn't been easy but which will be incredibly enlightening for her fans."

The 'Toxic' hitmaker announced the release date of 'The Woman In Me', which seems to be taken from the lyrics of her 2001 hit single 'I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman' in an Instagram post in early July, along with the cover art for the book. Captioning the picture, she wrote: "It's coming. My story. On my terms. At Last. Are you ready? On sale 10.24.23."

Recently, the pop star collaborated with Will.i.am for her new single 'Mind Your Business', an edgy track which has been received very positively so far.