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Winner’s Mino has been criticised for breaking the country’s social distancing rules after reportedly performing at a club in Yangyang County, Gangwon, on May 3.

Korean media outlet ‘Dispatch’ reported that the K-Pop artist surprised clubgoers, whom have allegedly lowered their masks after entering the club, by putting on an impromptu live performance of his hit single ‘Fiance’ in the late hours between May 3- 4.

A club organiser reportedly told local press that it was a spontaneous visit, with most of Mino’s acquaintances filling the club.

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His agency YG Entertainment issued an apology in a statement, revealing that Mino was on a trip with some acquaintances and will make sure their artists strictly follow social distancing guidelines and personal hygiene measures.

That same weekend, South Korea experienced a rise in new COVID-19 cases due a contracted clubgoer visiting several clubs in Itaewon.

Park Gyu-ri from defunct girl group KARA was also reportedly criticised for visiting a club in Itaewon — linked to the Coronavirus cases — during the social distancing period. She has since apologised and is in self-isolation after testing negative.