The iconic Gun N Roses perform live at the Autism Rocks Arena on 3rd March, 2017. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Events organiser 117 Live has come under fire on social media for its handling of the Guns N’Roses concert in Dubai on Friday. The iconic rock band performed at the Austism Rocks Arena in what many have described as a glorious return to form from its troubled past, but many fans complained that they missed most of the show due a massive traffic snarl. Some said they had to walk long distances to reach the venue.

The band came on at 9pm as scheduled.

After the show, 117 Live posted a message on its Facebook page, acknowledging the complaints.

“Guns N’ Roses played to a 30,000 strong crowd at The Autism Rocks Arena on Friday night as part of their Not in this Lifetime world tour. Fans were treated to more than two and a half hours of one of the best live performances the city has seen, with Axl, Slash, Duff and their band playing a collection of their finest hits,” it said, adding: “The venue opened at 4pm to allow fans early access, and the organisers acknowledge that there were some fans whose travel arrangements didn’t get them to the venue on time may have missed out on the opening of the show.”

Attendees did not take kindly to the post.

“You built a venue without creating proper roads entering and exiting the venue. I will never go to a concert run by you again,” commented Shelina Jokhiya.

“The Guns N’ Roses gig was fabulous last night but the organisation was of the poorest quality, something that the people of Dubai are not used to,” said another.

But it wasn’t all brickbats.

“We left on time, got there on time, saw Guns N’ Roses on time and rocked out on time! Traffic was crazy like any other concert I have been to,” said one.

Gulf News tabloid! has reached out to 117 Live for a comment.