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So, who does the boy belong to? Brandy and Monica, who famously battled it out for the affections of a seemingly eligible bachelor on the 1998 track ‘The Boy is Mine’, have reunited more than 20 years later to go head to head yet again.

This time the friendly competition happened on Verzuz, a music series created by Timbaland and Swizz Beats, where famous rivals in the hip hop and R’n’B scene battle it out on Instagram live.

Artists typically go back and forth playing bits and pieces of their biggest hits, like ping pong but with beloved classics, and viewers weigh in on who’s winning via the comments section and across social media.

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Brandy and Monica on Verzuz Image Credit: Agencies

Brandy, 41, and Monica, 39, held one of the most successful Verzuz sessions to date on Monday. According to one tweet, there was a million people watching.

“t’s SOOOOO FIRE that Brandy and Monica kept 1 million people on IG for THREE straight hours just vibing to their catalog! You love to see it!” LowKey wrote on Twitter.

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The two artists teased the audience by waiting until the end of the 3-hour stream to drop ‘The Boy is Mine’ — but it seemed that the nostalgia made time fly by, and some fans were even demanding a part two.

Even Missy Elliott tuned in.

“Thank you @verzuzonline @Timbaland @THEREALSWIZZZ for creating a platform for the Legends so they are always APPRECIATED & RESPECTED 4 their HARD WORK through out the years! I enjoyed every moment of @MonicaDenise @4everBrandy their CATALOGUE laced with CLASSICS,” wrote Elliott.