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Daryl Hannah and Neil Young might be married. Lots of stuff points to them being married. The general presumption is that they are, in fact, married.

But nobody official, including the presumed bride and groom themselves, will say they got hitched.

“I am her contact, but sorry I do not discuss Daryl’s personal life,” a Hannah rep told The Times.

The actress and the singer-songwriter, 57 and 72, respectively, are in fact a couple and have been dating since 2014. That same year, in late July, Young filed for divorce from Pegi Young, his wife of 36 years.

Mark Miller, a guitarist, wished Young and Hannah well Saturday on Facebook, saying simply, “Congratulations to Daryl Hannah and Neil Young on their wedding today. May they have a long and happy relationship.” That appears to have kicked off the marital speculation.

“I only knew about it because one of my friends attended the ceremony in Atascadero and announced it on his page. Interesting that another person (now unfriended) called me a liar over my post, (another 1st). Oops! Cya!,” Miller wrote three days later on his Facebook page.

According to the Mirror, which had an early wedding story, Young and Hannah did the deed in front of close friends in, yes, Atascadero, Calif. That happened after they reportedly also said their vows on a yacht the Mirror said Young owns in the San Juan Islands.

People magazine backed up parts of the story in a Thursday interview with Ron Fugere, a local boat captain who appears to have peeped at the W.N. Ragland — named for Young’s grandfather — for a few days last week.

“I saw a boat down at the end of the dock that I hadn’t recognised from a distance so I thought I’d walk down and see what boat it was,” Fugere told People. He said he was with a friend and spotted Young inside the yacht’s pilot house.

A couple of days later, on Saturday, Fugere noticed people aboard the boat, thought it looked like a wedding was going on and grabbed his binoculars.

But wait — it looks like Young for 30 years used to own the 1913 yacht that was used for a supposed wedding, though it sounds like the rocker-slash-activist is still at least friends with the guy who bought it and lived on it for years.

Heck, Neil and Daryl have used it since the other guy bought it, so maybe Young bought it back. Who knows. It barely matters.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, the California part of the nuptials went down days earlier. That paper reported Wednesday that about 100 people, among them Joni Mitchell and Stephen Stills, gathered Friday near San Luis Obispo for a top-secret party.

To avoid paparazzi, Page Six reported, party guests were told that hotels in the area didn’t know anything about the event. Guests shouldn’t mention the event, and Hannah and Young would appreciate if they left their phones and cameras at said hotels before showing up at the gathering, they were told.

Which would explain the absolute lack of anything on social media — except for Hannah’s cryptic Instagram post of a picture of a barn owl on Saturday.

“someone’s watching over us.... love & only love,” she wrote.

So, congrats, Neil and Daryl. We heard you got married. And that’s good enough.