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Mel B Image Credit: AP

Singer-actress Mel B has revealed that she tried to take her own life with nearly 200 painkillers in 2014 to escape her marriage to producer Stephen Belafonte.

In her autobiography Brutally Honest, the Goodbye hit maker has written about the suicide attempt of 2014. It happened while she was in the midst of shooting live shows for The X Factor, reports Daily Mail.

“I’ll be wearing a beautiful dress, my hair and make-up will be perfect. But if you want the absolute truth, I don’t care about any of it. My life is a mess and I want out.

“As each pill goes into my mouth, I ask myself: ‘Are you sure?’ And I take another one. 1 0, 20, 50, 100. ‘Are you sure?’” she revealed. “120. ‘Are you sure?’ 150. Are you sure?’,” Mel B wrote in an excerpt in her book.

She said she used to snort six lines of cocaine a day.

“I was so low that two weeks into filming The X Factor, I started using cocaine to get me through the run of the show. To get me through living with Stephen, which felt like neurotic claustrophobia,” she went on.

Mel B and Belafonte got married in 2007 but divorced in December that year after a long-running battle in which lurid tales of sex, drug and alcohol abuse and allegations of domestic violence made headlines.