Mariah Carey Image Credit: AP

Peta celebrated 40 years over the weekend, marking the anniversary with a star-studded virtual event featuring Hollywood and Bollywood stars.

Paul McCartney, Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Joaquin Phoenix, Gillian Anderson, Jackie Chan, Angelica Huston, Alec Baldwin, Casey Affleck, Maggie Q and John Abraham all made appearances at the digital event, which was hosted by Alan Cumming.

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Joaquin Phoenix.

Iggy Pop, known as the Godfather of Punk, was the recipient of a Peta Humanitarian Award.

Meanwhile, Joaquin Phoenix and his family presented the River Phoenix Award, named after his late actor brother, to an unnamed investigator who worked undercover in the wool industry to showcase abuses and violence he found.

“My family and I are honoured to be with you tonight celebrating Peta’s groundbreaking work,” said the ‘Joker’ actor.

“We’re here to present the River Phoenix Humanitarian Award, named after my brother, who from a young age understood that humans, other animals, and our nature world are all connected. He also believed that those with power have a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among us,” added Phoenix.

‘All I Want for Christmas’ singer Carey presented Jermaine Dupri with an award.

“I’m most proud to see how Jermaine has become a powerful voice in Peta’s vegan campaign — yes, he’s a vegan, it’s true! I didn’t believe him at first, but it is true! JD, keep doing what you do! Now all I want for Christmas is you… to have a great night,” she said, blowing the camera a kiss.

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Paul McCartney.

Former Beatle McCartney, who has been a vegetarian since 1975, also blew a kiss to the camera, saying: “Congratulations on 40 years, here’s to the next 40.”

Bollywood star John Abraham kept it simple and straightforward with his #PETA40 message.

“Keep fighting for the rights of animals!” said the actor, who was named Peta Indian’s Person of the Year in 2020.