Jamie Foxx
Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx. Image Credit: Instagram/jamiefoxx

'Django Unchained' actor Jamie Foxx is continuing to live his life with full energy as the 55-year-old recently held a party celebrating his continuing recovery.

According to 'People' magazine, three months after his daughter Corinne Foxx revealed that her dad had experienced a medical complication, the actor has been working really hard these last couple of months to get back to normal and has greatly improved since he first got to the facility.

To celebrate his ongoing recovery, the 'Spider: No Way Home' actor threw a party at the Chicago rehabilitation facility.

However, the actor is not quite out of the woods yet as he has not made a full recovery. The source at 'People' said, "He is still doing some outpatient rehab though."

The actor had suffered an unknown medical complication on April 11, while shooting his upcoming action film ‘Back in Action’ with co-star Cameron Diaz. As reported by 'People', a month after being admitted to the hospital, Corinne gave an update regarding Foxx’s situation, saying that the Oscar winner "has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating.

Corinne added at the time as she thanked her dad's fans and followers for their support, "In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday". Foxx was spotted doing just that last week, appearing in good spirits as he and a companion faced off in a doubles match against two opponents. He was also recently spotted at Topgolf in the Naperville suburb of Chicago on the evening of July 8 and, the following day, cruising on a boat down the Chicago River.