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Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow,50, sparked outrage for promoting “dangerous” eating habits in the name of healthy living and detox. 

The actress, who recently shared her extreme diet habits on a podcast, claimed bone-broth and soups featured heavily in her restrictive eating plan. She is also a fan of intermittent fasting.

The founder of Wellness and holistic brand ‘Goop’ was participating on 'The Art Of Being Well With Dr Cole' podcast when she spoke extensively about cutting off major food groups from her life. 

“So I have coffee, but I really like soup for lunch. I have bone broth for lunch a lot of the days.”

Gwyneth Paltrow
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The restrictive diet eleminated carbohydrates, proteins, and other essential food groups. Her exercise regime was equally harsh.

“I try to do one hour of movement, so I’ll either take a walk or I’ll do Pilates or I’ll do my Tracy Anderson. And then I get in the sauna. I dry brush and then I get in the sauna. So I do my infrared sauna for 30 minutes. And then for dinner I try to eat, you know, according to paleo. So lots of vegetables. It’s really important for me to support my detox,” she added.

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As soon as her comments emerged, a large section of social media users on TikTok and other mediums blasted the waif-like star for promoting unhealthy eating habits.

Plus-size model Tess Holliday slammed her for advocating “unsuitable meals” as options.

Tess Holliday
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On her TikTok video, Holliday – who suffers from an eating disorder -- accused Paltrow of glorifying and exoticising having miniscule meals like bone-broth for dinner.

“What I find most mental about this is that we’ve known for years that she is okay with glorifying her eating disorder. And I’m not judging, because I have an eating disorder.”

She also had serious concerns over slotting bone-broth as real food.

“Bone broth is not a suitable meal. And then to end your day with just eating vege-tables, but yet people continue to give her airtime, to give her a platform, to take her advice because everyone is too afraid to be fat,” she explained.