Sushant Singh Rajput with Rohini Iyer
Sushant Singh Rajput with Rohini Iyer Image Credit:

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend and former publicist, Rohini Iyer, was questioned at the Bandra police station on June 22 in connection with the actor’s death.

In a report published in India Today, Iyer arrived at the police station in Bandra at 11am and was questioned by the investigating team. Three others, including his former flatmate and friend, was also summoned for questioning.

The police have called in more than a dozen people, including his rumoured girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, along with director Shekhar Kapur for questioning following his death on June 14.

A few days ago, Iyer wrote an emotional post about Rajput on Instagram and how he was cut from a different cloth didn’t let Bollywood gangs define him. She called out all those who were speculating about his death.

“This has to be said: My best friend is no more. I still have a bloody hard time accepting that and whenever I check social media to check up on news on him, I read fiction and instead of finding people online, I see peddlers. Peddlers pushing their agendas to promote themselves and their causes. Every single person who wants their two bit fame has an opinion on his life. Firstly, he didn’t give a [expletive] about fame or your opinions. He didn’t care about these people who are busy posting about not being in touch with him.”

She continued: “For the record, he didn’t care about being in touch. He hated fake friends, phone calls and small talk. He rejected your parties, you didn’t shun him. He rejected your lobbies. He didn’t need camps, he had his own kingdom. He was a fighter. He made his own place in the sun. He was an outsider and he never cared about being an insider.”

Calling him a ‘force of nature’, Iyer believed that Rajuput had a life that went beyond the world of movies.

“He didn’t give a [expletive] about success. He never failed. He has given more super hits than any of his other contemporaries. He just didn’t care about the 100 crore club. He didn’t want to belong to any club or be part of the rat race. He didn’t care about awards. He walked out of an award function just cos he got bored. This was even before they announced his best actor award. You had to be a lot more interesting than a bloody trophy to hold his attention,” said Iyer.