Simi Garewal Image Credit: IANS

Bollywood actress and popular TV show host Simi Garewal lauded Kangana Ranaut’s remarks about the existence of nepotism in Bollywood in her latest interview and confessed that she too bore the brunt of it in her career but didn’t have the courage like Ranaut to call her perpetrators out.

“I applaud #KanganaRanaut who is braver & bolder than I am. Only I know how a ‘powerful’ person has viciously tried to destroy my career. I stayed silent. Because I am not so brave,” tweeted Garewal.

Ranaut made a string of explosive comments during an interview with journalist Arnab Goswamy on Republic TV and claimed that powerful directors and producers are like ‘emotional vultures’ that force actors to lynch themselves. She spoke about how there are giant bullies in Bollywood everwhere in the context of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide last month.

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Kangana Ranaut Image Credit: IANS

Rajput was found dead at his home in Mumbai on June 14 and has triggered dialogues on how difficult it is for outsiders like Rajput to crack the Bollywood crowd.

“I don’t know what all of you felt after watching #KanganaSpeaksToArnab ..but it has left me quite depressed.. I’m distraught at what #SushantSingRajput endured .. and also what many ‘outsiders’ go through in Bollywood.. it must change! When George Floyd was killed in America it set forth an awakening. In the same way #SushantSingRajput’s death may be the harbinger of an awakening in Bollywood,” Garewal further tweeted.

Several of Garewal’s fans on her social media account are now prodding her to come forward with the name of the person who tried to sabotage her career in Bollywood.

Ranaut named and shamed producer-directors like Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra and Mahesh Bhatt on television for sabotaging Rajput’s career, which could have driven him to take an extreme step.

She also stated that she will return her civilian honour Padma Shri if somebody can prove her allegations wrong.