Last film show
Rahul Koli played one of the six children in 'Chhello Show' also known by the English title Last Film Show Image Credit: Supplied

Child actor Rahul Koli, who played a crucial role in India's entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 95th Academy Awards 'Chhello Show', died on October 11 following his battle with leukemia. He was 10.

‘Chhello Show’ will release in Indian theatres on October 14.

Reports claim that Koli’s father said his son had high fever and was severely ill.

“On Sunday, October 2, he had his breakfast and then after repeated bouts of fever in the following hours, Rahul vomited blood thrice and just like that my child was no more. Our family is devastated. But we will watch his Last Film Show together on the release day on October 14 after we perform his final purification rituals,” said the father to Times Of India.

The father also expressed his anguish at his son’s death, days before his film hit the theatres.

“He was so happy and would often tell me that our lives would change after October 14. But he left us before that,” he added.