Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia with their kids
Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia with their kids Image Credit:

Bollywood star couple Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi welcomed their second child in October 2021 and have finally revealed the name of their little boy.

“Our baby boy Guriq. Guriq Singh Dhupia Bedi,” Dhupia wrote on Instagram along with pictures of the boy.

The actress has also created a new Instagram account under Guriq’s name.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Dhupia explained the meaning of the name.

“Guriq means one with God. One from God and saviour of the world,” she said. “It is a different name and we love it, even the spelling is beautiful and unusual. The credit for the name goes to the mother, and the credit for the spelling goes to the father [Bedi].”

Dhupia said she “stumbled upon the name, and the meaning was beautiful. We always wanted something that has a beautiful meaning and is a slightly unusual name.”

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The actress also mentioned that she was “happy and extremely proud” that both their kids have the ‘Dhupia Bedi’ surname.

Dhupia and Bedi have shared pictures of their children in the past but have been careful to keep their faces concealed for privacy reasons.

The couple got married in Delhi in 2018 and welcomed their daughter Mehr the same year.