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Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s passport renewal request has been rejected and she expressed her displeasure by crying foul. Earlier this week, Ranaut had approached the Bombay High Court to renew her passport as she had to travel to Hungary for a film shoot. But the Bench has made it clear that her hearing date can only be set for June 25. Plus, there’s a sedition case against her and her sister-publicist Rangoli Chandel, which the actress believes has worked against her on the passport renewal front.

“Please note, when Aamir Khan offended BJP government by calling India intolerant, no one held back his passport to stop his films or shoots. In no way he was tortured or harassed #JustSaying,” wrote Ranaut.

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Khan courted controversy in 2016 when he expressed his opinion that India was becoming intolerant and his family was considering settling elsewhere. His comments did not go down well and he was blasted for being unpatriotic by several right-wing political groups.

Ranaut, upon learn about her passport renewal delay, chose to bring up the old issue. It isn’t the first time that Ranaut has dragged other Bollywood stars or their perceived privilege into her issues.

Kangana Ranaut in 'Dhaakad'

On Instagram stories, Ranaut reposted a snapshot of this accusatory post first published on Koo, a social media platform meant to rival Twitter.

According to reports, The Bombay High Court heard the plea by Ranaut seeking renewal of her passport swiftly, but set a date for June 25.

“Even though her counsel requested for an earlier date as she has to join a film shoot ... Her schedule can be arranged accordingly. If the applicant was vigilant, she would have given all the details to the counsel. June 25 is the earlier date which we can grant you,” said the Bench.

Ranaut was scheduled to travel to Hungary for the shoot of her action film ‘Dhaakad’. She is also ready with her film ‘Thalaivi’.

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