AI enabled uses are coming to the fore, and ADNOC Distribution is testing out a few at some of its flagship locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Want to catch a glimpse of AI in action? Or actually make use of it?

At some ADNOC Distribution service stations, vehicle owners can book in advance their fueling needs. And get the fueling done by a robo-arm. (All that it needs is help with removing the fuel tank cap.)

Vehicle owners can also pick up food or other needs from the ‘Oasis’ convenience stores - without having to step out of their car. And completing the billing and payment while the goods bought are still in the shopping tray.

It’s all being enabled with a good deal of help from cutting-edge AI-enabled solutions. Which even extends to getting the car wash done via a designated ‘fast-track’ tunnel.

The pilot program is part ADNOC Distribution’s push to create a ‘frictionless customer experience, where things get done faster and with more convenience’, said Maaz Qureshi, Vice-President for Digital Business at the ADNOC entity. (These AI-backed services are only available at select ADNOC Distribution stations for the time being.)

Leading UAE businesses are starting to deploy AI solutions – or speed the process up – in their customer interactions and create real use cases.

“For us as a company, these pilot tests will go a long way in knocking off minutes that customers need to spend at the stations on their fueling or shopping needs,” said Qureshi. “This is not about reducing the workforce in any way, but deploying staff in more creative and productive ways.

“The car wash tunnel, for instance, can handle between 30-40 vehicles in an hour. These are not bits-and-pieces changes that we hope to bring out using AI solutions.”

Most of the company’s AI push is being developed internally while other elements are sourced direct from vendors or licensed.

‘Fill & Go’

On this service, once the user uploads the info onto the ADNOC Distribution app, they just need to head for the station that supports the service. Smart cameras at the location will identify the vehicle automatically, and at the pump, the user data will help initiate the fueling. Down to the preferred fuel type and the spending amount.

‘Click & Collect’

Again, users can pre-order their needs from the ADNOC Distribution owned Oasis outlets using the app. And having those orders delivered to their vehicle on arrival.

“These are still being trialed at select locations, but we will go on to have such services in place once all the extensive testing is done,” said the official.

“For the robot-enabled fueling, even the fuel cap removal is completed by AI robotic arm.”

All of the rest is done by the robot-arm, be it inserting the nozzle into the fuel tank’s opening and pumping fuel into the vehicle at the desired rate and quantity. Sensors and cameras monitor the refueling process to ensure that it is done ‘safely and efficiently’.

“Using AI, we will build up more use cases for the technology,” said Qureshi. “These services will come with more advanced robotics and all its nuances.”