Nestled in the serene backdrop of Lake Geneva with views stretching to the Jura Mountains and Swiss Alps, Collège du Léman (CDL) prides itself on offering a superior educational journey within an international context. Celebrating over 60 years of educational leadership, CDL is dedicated to nurturing a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere, where the unique profile of each student is recognised and celebrated.

Located a stone’s throw from Geneva, CDL welcomes day students aged 2-18 and boarding students from the age of 10. The school’s ethos is rooted in a profound commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, striving to offer an education that extends beyond conventional learning. Here, teachers and house parents are dedicated to cultivating not only academic excellence, but also essential life skills such as effective communication, adaptability, and emotional intelligence, preparing students for a future full of possibilities. With over 120 nationalities represented, CDL offers a world of perspectives in one close-knit community.

Pauline Nord, CDL’s Director General, reflects: “We’re like a small world here at CDL, brought together by our different backgrounds and united in our commitment to helping our students become their very best selves.” As a proud member of the Nord Anglia Education family of premium schools, CDL benefits from a global exchange of educational expertise with over 80 top-tier institutions worldwide.

Guided by the RISE values of Respect, Internationalism, Spirit, and Excellence, CDL fosters an empowering environment where students’ academic pursuit and emotional well-being are equally prioritised. The curriculum at CDL is broad and engaging, offering French, English, and bilingual programmes, complemented by a diverse range of diploma options to cater to the varied strengths and ambitions of its students. These include the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), the IB Career-related Programme (IBCP), the American High School Diploma with AP courses, the French Baccalaureate, and the Swiss Maturité.

This wide array of academic pathways, coupled with enriching collaborations with institutions like The Juilliard School, MIT, and UNICEF, ensures a comprehensive and forward-thinking educational journey for every student. With an emphasis on small class sizes and individualised attention, CDL ensures that each student’s academic path is as unique as they are.

“Our aim is to prepare our students to navigate the complexities of the modern world,” Nord affirms, highlighting the school’s comprehensive approach, which is reflected in its consistent 100 per cent diploma pass rate and the remarkable success of its graduates at top universities worldwide.

CDL’s Director General concludes, “We believe every student holds the potential for greatness, and it’s our role to help them discover and nurture this potential.”