Glenn Maxwell with Vini Raman
Glenn Maxwell with Vini Raman. Image Credit: Instagram

Following Australia's victory over India in the ICC World Cup 2023 final in Ahmedabad, Glenn Maxwell's wife, Vini Raman, found herself at the receiving end of online trolling.

Despite the Aussies' remarkable performance and clinching their 6th title triumph, some dejected fans targeted Raman for supporting the Australian team despite her Indian heritage.

Undeterred by the negativity, Raman took to her Instagram account to address the trolls and deliver a powerful message. She urged them to focus on more important world issues and emphasised the possibility of being both Indian and supportive of the country where one has been raised. In response to the hateful direct messages, Raman wrote, "Cue all the hateful vile DMs. Stay classy."

In her Instagram post, Raman expressed disbelief that it needed to be said but clarified, "You can be Indian and also support the country of your birth where you have been raised and, more importantly, the team your husband + father of your child plays in #nobrainer."

She concluded her message by advising the trolls to "take a chill pill and direct the outrage towards more important world issues."

Raman has roots in South India as her parents migrated from Chennai to Melbourne before she was born. She is a pharmacist by profession. Raman and Glenn's love journey began in 2017, culminating in a heartwarming proposal in 2021. Their wedding in March 2022 harmoniously blended Christian and Hindu traditions in Melbourne, Australia.