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Actress Ameesha Patel at the launch of a jewellery store in Nagpur. Image Credit: MH_CP

Film producer Ajay Kumar Singh says he has moved a court in Ranchi against actress Ameesha Patel, accusing her of a Rs25 million (Dh1.32 million) fraud after she borrowed money for her film ‘Desi Magic’.

“We have filed a case in a Ranchi court after a cheque of Rs30 million bounced. She has not been responding to anything with regard to the money she borrowed from me last year for the release of a film named ‘Desi Magic’. Now she has been summoned by the court and she has to appear before the court on July 8,” said Singh.

“If she doesn’t come, a warrant will be issued against her. We went to court on June 17 with the request to issue a warrant since she is not responding, but the judge of the court suggested sending a summon by the police before an arrest warrant,” he added.

According to the producer, he met the actress in 2017 when they had a discussion on the film, which was under production and a major part of the shooting was done. However, the project was halted due to a financial crisis and that is why Singh invested Rs25 million in the film.

“Initially, I was told that the film will release in June [this year]. Then I was told that it will release in September. But I will get my money with interest by September. Though I was given a cheque of Rs30 million, it bounced. When I tried to do a follow-up, her whole attitude changed and she said I am a small investor and I should keep quiet. But it is my money,” said Singh, who has produced the upcoming film ‘Family of Thakurganj’, releasing on July 19.