Amazon Eid eGift Card Blue Design-1620039737733
One of the two digital Eid gift cards designed by Majd Shaker Jaha Image Credit: Supplied

If your Eideyyah this year comes in the form of a special edition digital gift card then you have Saudi Arabian artist Majd Shaker Jaha to thank for that.

The talented young powerhouse has teamed up with the online retailer to create special Eid-themed electronic gift cards for the upcoming Eid Al Fitr festivities. Jaha’s designs give a modern twist to the Eideyyah or gift-giving tradition that is a favourite custom enjoyed by old and young.

Families and friends can purchase the electronic Amazon gift cards and send them online to loved ones to choose a gift of their choice.

Saudi Arabian artist Majd Shaker Jaha Image Credit: Supplied

The young artist and Arabic calligrapher behind the designs developed her love of drawing from an early age and has successfully turned her passion into a profession with the launch of her website, MJD Studio.

Jaha, 22, has also authored two educational books on watercolour techniques titled ‘Learn to Paint with Watercolors’ and ‘Learn to Draw Flowers’. The Amazon gift card designs created by Jaha were inspired by the inscriptions and ornaments found on Khaleeji clothing, together with traditional celebratory items that are relevant to the region.

“I’m very excited about this collaboration and would like to thank Amazon for the opportunity to have my work used to represent this wonderful occasion, which brings happiness to so many people. I hope my designs will help inspire budding artists not only in the GCC, but across the world,” Jaha said in a media statement.

Amazon Eid eGift Card Green Design-1620039743190
One of the two digital Eid gift cards designed by Majd Shaker Jaha Image Credit: Supplied

The cards can be purchased on the retailer’s website or app with the amount of their preference up to Dh6,000. Recipients will receive an electronic notification and a claim code where they can choose to either add the amount directly to their account or just apply the code directly during checkout when shopping. The card is valid for up to 10 years.